Boys Bedroom Interior Design

Boys spend a lot of time in their bedrooms for playing, studying and sleeping. Hence, the boys bedroom interior design must fit the boys needs and match their personalities. Perhaps the most necessary step in applying a boys bedroom interior design is figuring it out with your boys by discussing their preferences. Having your boys share their opinions in the design will not only make them comfortable in their rooms, but they will not nag about the design in the long run.

Different boy age groups come with different interior design preferences but with a few suggestions from your part, you can understand what to go for in applying a bedroom design. Suggestions can be made by showing the boys bedroom interior designs in magazines or in design websites. Popular boy bedroom themes include air planes, pirates, armed forces, safari, outer space and animation-inspired themes. If you can’t put your hand on your boys bedroom interior design theme, you may start with their favorite color for the design.

Choosing the bedroom furniture and bedding is better done before painting the walls because it is easier to choose paint color based on the furniture and not vice versa. Practicality of furniture is a crucial factor while applying he boys bedroom interior design. Examples of practical furniture include bunk beds and multifunctional furniture which save space and prove to be fun elements for boys. Appropriate lighting is another important factor in boys bedrooms to make the room more spacious and satisfy studying needs.

After choosing the bedding with your boys, you can paint the walls with a color with a lighter shade of the main color in the bedding. Then you can make use of wall murals or framed pictures to make the bedroom theme come to life. Finalize the design by placing your boys toys on shelves or by hanging items like air planes or birds from the ceiling. Don’t forget that before following any interior design plan, the opinion of your boys is the most important priority.