Breathtaking and Cheerful Outdoor Spaces to Please All of Your Senses by Valerie Saunders

Do you remember your times spent in the tree house with your mates? If you need to experience the same feel, you should make use of the available outdoor spaces and design your dream living space.

If you live in southern California or any similar space, don’t misuse the outdoor garden and try to spend several hours in such a peaceful space. In a Californian residence, Valerie Saunders of Serendipite Design Inspired Living creates an outstanding living space in the backyard using a natural stone outdoor fire-pit, a concrete dining table, comforting benches covered with cheerful colored fabrics, and porcelain wood accent walls.

To complete the amusement in such an outdoor space, Saunders and her team design a covered kitchen space with an undercounted refrigerator, a barbeque, and a concrete countertop in addition to an outstanding pool and water features.

Even if you haven’t an outdoor garden, you can still use your rooftop with a waterfront, ocean view, or natural green views to design a dreamy living space. In Newport Beach, Saunders and her team use a combination of interior and exterior furniture and a coffee table with a fire-pit top to let the homeowners enjoy the outdoor views with the fresh air every evening.

Your outdoor space can be a small balcony, a deck, a sunny room, or even an interior room with large windows and breathtaking natural views. In Rancho Palos Verdes home, Valerie is satisfied with placing a couple of chairs and a small table to let the homeowners read a book or have a cup of tea enjoying the peaceful feel of the outstanding outdoor views. Let’s enjoy the photos of Valerie’s outdoor projects and apply what will match your space.