Breathtaking Décor Ideas for Your High-End Home Inspired from the Projects of Scala Design Team

In your modern home, you should use less or no accessories to keep the simple and stylish look of the place. Instead, you can use high-end materials and stylish lighting options to provide the place a breathtaking look. In this article, Scala team members will help you find the perfect decorative options for your on modern home.

Do you think that you should use just expensive and glossy materials to provide your modern home a breathtaking look? The answer is definitely no. You can use unexpansive materials such as 3D woven resin or unique patterned gypsum board wall or ceiling focal point along with LED hidden lights to create a personal look in the place. You can simply bring a breathtaking look to your home using a luxurious black chandelier, built-in sleek appliances, or soft stainless steel curtains and woven sheets.

Your visitors will be certainly inspired by the new way of using mosaic tiles or area rugs made of bone or woven vinyl in your living room. Similarly, you can provide such a living room a breathtaking look using high-tech lighting options, wallpaper, or even coffee table.

The high-tech wallpaper, for example, can change its patterns or prints, illuminate in the dark using its sensors, while the high-tech decorative coffee table can reveal a colorful aquarium, or even let you communicate with your friends throughout your social media site.

In your modern kitchen or bathroom, you can use rubber-like faux leather cabinets with a suitable color to highlight the contrast with the white walls or fixtures. Instead, you can spruce up the look of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets using frosted glass, colorful glass, Starphire glass, laminated resin, high-pressure laminate, or laminated glass doors along with pure white inside cabinet lights and textured glass countertops.