Breathtaking Marquee Designs to Decorate Your Home for Different Occasions

The preparations for a special occasion inside or outside your home need a careful planning and innovative decorations to get a breathtaking look. You will need just to define the theme and style of the marquee according to your home design and the type of your occasion.

The marquee letters are popular in birthdays and wedding occasions in addition to the permanent decorations at different rooms in your home. For example, you can design the first letters of the bride and groom or romantic words for a wedding party held at your home or in the outdoor garden.

If you are designing a nursery for your coming baby, you can design breathtaking marquee welcoming words or at least the first letter of your baby’s name. The marquee letters will be a funny way to teach your kids good behaviors or to give them independent personalities.

To design such marquee decorations yourself, you will need a poster board, a box cutter, a packing tape, a ruler, and spray paint. You will use a template to take the right measurements and cut the letters correctly. Then, you can create suitable sized holes in every letter to install the small lighting fixtures to be clear at the front part, but remember to hide the wires behind every letter to give the place a clean look. Try to make sure that all the lighting fixtures are working properly before installing the marquee letters.

There are different designs to the marquee decorations that can decorate your outdoor front or backyard. You can use swags or bunting to set the lined marquees on different shapes like a butterfly. If you need to create a dramatic effect in the place, you can use black out marquees with a starlight ceiling.

Pics Via : theurbanlist