Breathtaking Modern Home Accent Colors by Blutter Shiff Design Associates

Changing the accent colors in your modern home regularly keeps your home interesting and appealing all the time. However, you should choose the right accent colors to create a sense of harmony in the place. Here are a few ways to provide your home an accent look from the designs of the team of Blutter Shiff.

To add an accent color to your neutral colored modern home, you can use fixed or temporary elements. For example, you can paint white wall blue or red accents or use blue or red beddings and furniture like the look of North-shore residence. In San Francisco residence, the team members of Blutter Shiff use paintings and wall decals, books, and sculptures with red, blue, and green accents to create harmony with the marvelous outdoor views.

If you like the serenity and elegance of white walls and fabrics, try to accentuate the place using natural colors such as green, brown, black, and red. You can use patterned fabrics, small artworks, or even one large artwork to accentuate such a place. You can use one accent color such as an orange chair or curtain in all the rooms to create unity and harmony in the place.

In Chicago Hi-Rise, the team of Blutter Shiff accentuates the place using different shades of orange, yellow, brown, and green combining these elements using colorful pillows.

To apply this rule in your home, you can simply define the main color of the room and accentuate the place with the contrasting color on the color wheel such as the green and red or purple and orange. If you will use the accent colors at the top of the wall, try to use light shades and you can choose darker shades when you go down.