Breathtaking Modern Wall and Ceiling Finishing Ideas Inspired from FORMA Design Projects

The simple design and neutral colors are the secret of the modern stylish look, as you can attract your visitors’ attention to one spot easily. Andreas Charalambous, the leader of Forma Design team will inspire you with unique ideas to create breathtaking wall and ceiling finishing in your new modern home.

If your modern home has an open design plan, try to paint the walls light neutral colors such as white dove or rugged trail along with an accent wall with a darker shade. In a Mclean transitional home, Andreas and his team use white stacked stone wall above the fireplace to serve as the focal point of the home. In Arlington, FORMA team members create a focal point using drywall with recessed and cove blue LED decorative lighting fixtures to provide the place a breathtaking look.

Instead, you can create a dramatic look in your modern home using textured wall panels or dark colored wall or ceiling. In Georgetown Canal, FORMA team members use textured wall panels along with milk white ceiling and back-painted glass surfaces to enhance the warm feel of the place.

You can still provide your home a dramatic and warm feel using dark walls with colorful light, a dark colored ceiling with light colored walls, or one wall with dark stacked stone wall tile like the skyline flat in Rosslyn.

You can design a dropped or suspended ceiling in your modern home to let you install different lighting options such as cove lights, down lights, pendant light, and recessed lights. Such a dropped or sculptural ceiling can define a certain area in your open design floor, add a wow factor to your home, or house your waterfall showerhead. FORMA team members provide such interior design and décor services to the residences of Washington DC, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia, Miami.