Breathtaking Outdoor Entertaining Spaces Inspired from Alex Belson’s Projects

With the arrival of summer, you begin your arrangements for such a warm temperature designing a terrace, quaint nook, or loggia near the pool to enjoy such a breathtaking fresh feel with your family members. In this article, you will discover stylish and inspiring outdoor spaces by Alex Belson of Shubin + Donaldson team to help you define the features of your space.

The terrace and pool can be the focal point of your home like the design of Angelo Residence by Alex Belson of Shubin + Donaldson team, as he creates a raised terrace behind the zero edge pool and near the open central indoor living space. In this residence, Alex combines the interior and exterior elements to create a perfect entertaining space during the hours of day or night.

The vaulted ceiling, archways, and lighted pool of such a Wakecrest Residence will provide you a dreamy outdoor space to spend amusing times with your family members or friends. Alex and his team create a unique tranquil livability in such a residence making use of the near ocean and well-organized landscape.

In the Pacific Palisades residence, Alex and his team install relaxed seating, a swimming pool with ultraviolet filter, low landscape lighting system, and a green upper courtyard to create a breathtaking, functional, and eco-friendly look in the place.

To create a prototype space, you can install glass walls to your outdoor rooms and enjoy the breathtaking look of pool and landscape while sleeping, having your dinner, or entertaining with your family members or friends. Alex Belson creates another unique connection between the interior and exterior spaces in the Greentree residence installing informal lounges near the pool and the glass walled bedroom, bathroom, and dining area.