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Brilliant Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, and you want the best design that fit your space, you are in the right place. Starting with the sink, you have many options to put the suitable sink in your small bathroom. A self riming sink is a good option; they are mounted above the counter with rims that fit the countertop. These sinks come with many shapes and sizes to fit different bathroom sizes. The corner sink is considered one of the most practical sinks for small bathrooms; you can have them with or without a storage place.

Oval sinks are such a practical option in small bathrooms; they don’t use large spaces unlike the square sinks. Console sinks are amazing option for small bathrooms; they don’t need counter as they come with extra counter space with one or two bowls. Console sinks come with many sizes and shapes; you will find sinks with two legs and others with four legs. If you don’t need any storage places or counter integrated with your sink, go for wall mounted sink. They will do the job without adding any additional pieces. Have you heard of wall mounted toilets? It’s time to take a look at them. These toilets will look perfect in your bathroom; they are space saver and look so stylish and simple. If you have enough space to put a tub, put a small corner tub and if you don’t have enough space, put a walk in shower instead or use open showers.

When it comes to storage units, you can either use a built in storages or go vertical and hang a storage place on the wall. The previous solutions didn’t help? The shelves will do the job, put shelves wherever possible, in corners, above the toilet or next to the sink. Ok, now we finished the essential parts of your small bathroom, now it’s time for the little effective touches. When you paint your small bathroom, use natural and light colors that give you the feeling of an extra space like, white, creamy, light green and light blue. Mirrors works like magic in small bathroom, put a long mirror on any wall or if you don’t have empty walls, hang a big one above your bathroom sink, and watch the magic, the bathroom will look much larger.

Don’t forget lighting can transform the entire look of any small bathroom; bright lighting like spot light lighting is the best option for small bathrooms.

Pics Via : tradewindsimports