Brilliant Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

Starting with the paint, go for the bright colors like, white and creamy to give your kitchen the feeling of roominess. If you don’t like the idea of the bright colors, you can use bold colors, but make sure to apply the color you choose to everything in your kitchen like, the floor, finishing and walls.

When you choose your kitchen design, you will find many designs that fit small kitchens like, L shape design which is commonly used. Using bright lighting is a very important element to make your small kitchen look larger. You can install a big window with a simple curtain and let the sun light fill your kitchen and use some bright lighting fixtures like, under cabinet lights, spotlights, long pendant, etc.

Mirrors are the perfect solution to make any small space looks larger, try using a mirror as your backsplash and enjoy the light reflecting through them. You can use the glass doors instead of the wooden doors for your upper cabinetry to show its depth; this is such a smart trick which makes your kitchen look larger. You can also replace some cabinets with open shelves.

Use every possible inch in your kitchen and go for wall mounted storage, for example, hang some wall racks to put your pots and pans on and hang a magnetic strip to put your knives on. Pullout pantry is such a good storage idea in small kitchens to store your spices and cans. When you design your kitchen cabinets, choose the high ceiling design to provide more storage places. To save more place use single bowl sink instead of two bowls.

Throw your kitchen’s door away to have an extra space, I personally tried this solution and it really made a significant difference. When you arrange your stuff in your small kitchen, make sure to put only the things that you will use and remember, there is no room for any unused stuff. When you shop for your kitchen appliances, choose compact appliances that don’t take much place. For example, buy a cook top instead of a huge cook, hang your microwave under a cabinet, look for a slim refrigerator or under counter fridge. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean having less efficient kitchen, with some big smart ideas you can make your small kitchen the kitchen of your dreams.

Pics Via : aimtodesign

Pics Via : thisoldhouse