Brilliant Decorating Ideas for your Cool Home

Decorating your home by yourself will enable you togive every part a personal touch and to decorate the place according to your budget. However, you will need to readbasic information about the popular decorating ways, and then you can create your own decorations. Here are a few decorating ideas for different parts of your home.

The simplest way to personalize your home is to hang up a framed picture or your favorite work of art on the wall. Such an artwork should be raised from the floor from 55 to 65 inches to be slightly higher than the level of the human eye. The size of the artwork needs to be suitable to the wall and the surrounding accessories. If you feel that the picture is too high, you can place a decorative pot of tall plants beside the wall.

The way of arranging your furniture pieces on the rug can reflect your personality and give the place a unique look.If you have a large room and large rug, you can place the furniture pieces of your seating area on the rug leaving about 15 inches from the rug’s boarder clear. If the room is not too large, you have the choice to place the whole furniture pieces around the rug or place their front legs on the rug. You can add the items you need in your living room such as the bookcase and ottomans with the style you choose because this room simply reflects your own character.

You can attract the attention to the focal point of every room in your home by different ways such as the layer lighting, the color, or placing your furniture around that item. The layer lighting is a brilliant way of decoration because it works in every part of your home; especially the kitchen and bathroom. It will be perfect if you can place your focal point on the facing wall to the entrance of the room to be the first spot you see in the room.

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