4 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating Small Houses

Remodeling and decorating small houses can be challenging at best. You are faced with the overwhelming predicament of having everything you need but at the same time keeping your place tidy and pretty. Therefore, you have to think right and come up with smart decoration ideas so that your house does not look like a furniture store. We offer you here some brilliant ideas for decorating your small house.

1- Instead of having many small pieces of furniture that makes your house look cluttered, get few big pieces. Small pieces make your place look cluttered even if they fit inside your room. They will create a feeling that your house is smaller than it actually is, which should be avoided at all costs.

2- Use multi purposed furniture to lessen the place you need as much as possible. For your laundry room – for example – get a washer dryer machine to save space. For your living room, get a matroshka, which is a living room furniture set that can be spread and put inside one another according to your needs.

3- Use ornaments that can serve a purpose or consume the least space possible instead of consuming space just to look pretty. A carved chest can be a great way to decorate your living room but it could also be used for storing books and magazines. Baskets serve the same purpose as well. Avoid sculptures for decoration and settle for stylish paintings and framed family photos.

4- Choose furniture with adjustable size. Folding chairs, tables and desks are good examples of such furniture. Sofa beds and drop leaf tables are another good example. Adjusting the size means adjusting the space your furniture will consume.

I am sure you will find more great ideas for decorating you small house if you think cleverly. The more space you have the better your house will look. Make sure to choose furniture with an additional storage function.

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