Brilliant Ideas for Making Your House Echo Friendly

How people were living for the last 50 years or more has been damaging our planet and wasting its resources. With the increase of public awareness of this problem, people have been looking for healthier and more environment-friendly life style. We will find in the following lines some brilliant ideas to make our houses echo-friendly.

1- One of the basic rules of preserving nature is conserving power. You need to calculate your daily usage of electricity. Look up what is the average rate of power use in your country per your family members’ number. Use internet for that or you could even ask the power company. Try to lessen your power usage as much as possible.

2- Another great way for conserving power is using low wattage light bulbs and appliances. Some low wattage light bulbs can be used in the same way usual light bulbs work (like LED Light bulbs), and they even produce more light and consume less electricity.

3- Some things consume a lot of energy like air conditioners and heaters. Insulating your house helps keep off harsh weather and unsuitable temperatures. Check if there are any gaps under your doors and windows and block them if there are any. Make insulative curtains easily by multiplying the layers of your curtains. Insulation kits and draft stoppers also help.

4- Old refrigerators use a lot of energy, so buy a new one. You might think it is a waste of money, but the money saved by conserving energy will be more than what you lose on your refrigerator.

5- Install lighting with motion sensors. With this type of lighting you will not worry about wasted power when you forget to turn off lights. The lights will be turned off automatically when you leave the room.

Making your house echo-friendly is how you show your appreciation for the taken-for-granted blessings that were bestowed upon you.

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