5 Brilliant Ideas for Making a Reading Corner in Your House

Most people like to read. However, they do not know how to set a space in their houses where they could read in peace because most houses now are small. It might seem like you could read anywhere, but setting a special place for reading is better. Here is how to make a reading corner in your house.

1- First of all, choose an area where there are high walls. You will not need much space for reading since you will be setting on a chair, but you will certainly need a lot of space for storing books. Mount shelves on the high walls until they reach the ceiling, and place your books above them.

2- Shelves are good especially if you want to set the space between each shelve and the one above it yourself. However, you could place a bookcase instead of the shelves for an elegant look. It will also make others think that this space was a reading corner in the original design of the house.

3- Choose somewhere with lots of light. It is not enough to have shelves or a bookcase for a reading corner. You need to have good lighting as well. One example for a good lighting space is that you set the reading corner beside a window. Also, use wall sconce lights for reading at night.

4- If you are to use shelves that reach the ceiling, how will YOU reach the books on higher shelves? Therefore, accessibility is another important point to consider. You can use one of these chairs that transform into a ladder for both setting, and reaching higher shelves.

5- If you are one of those who enjoy reading for hours, then you do not want to develop back pain because of your hobby. Therefore, choose a durable easy chair to be able to read comfortably.

Pics Via : boredpanda