Who do not want Canopy Bed Curtains?

Every girl dreams to be a princess, canopy bed drapes can make it come true. Don’t full under the impression it will be very expensive, do your homework and search you just may find a million dollar looking drapes.

A lot of categories are there to choose a canopy bed drapes so it will be very easy to choose a suitable one for your room colors. Whatever your room is modern or classic you will find one whatever it’s a kit or separate pieces that you will make your own unique one.

Purchasing your bed drapes has many possibilities but the best one is to buy it from the same store you get your room from. If you have a bed and you love it you can build a canopy frame for it, and it’s cheaper.Another way is hanging the drapes from a frame attached to the ceiling, which will catch any eye. Canopy bed curtains have a lot of benefits it will give your sleep the privacy it need, and it will keep any insects away.

Follow these steps to install your own curtains:

Measure the bed’s length and width, the space between the bed posts then, measure the space between the floor and the bedroom ceiling. This will count how long the curtains will be .

Buy the curtains they must long enough to reach the floor also, buy extra panels that will spread the curtains.
A power screwdriver can mount six or more brackets on the ceiling that should make 3 wall curtains one at the bottom and two at on the sides of the bed.

Then slide the curtain panels on the rods after that modify the rod to its size. Put the ends of the rods on the previous brackets. After spreading the panels, coverage will be provided if it wasn’t enough add panels. This is all what you need to know about canopy bed curtains and how to install them.

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