5 Carpets That Will Make You Feel Like Heaven Is Under Your Feet

Carpets are one of the most obvious choices people think of when they look for decoration items. They come in a bottomless variety of colors and designs, and they are easy to use and great to have. However, carpets can do more just laying there and be pretty. Some Carpets can relax your feet and help stimulate your energy zones.

1- Memory foam is a material developed by NASA and it does many wonders. It remembers the shape of your muscles and curves. This helps reduce the stress and ease the pain your muscles suffer from when laying on hard surfaces. Imagine if you have a carpet with a layer of this stuff? You will feel less tired and more comfortable when standing or sitting on this carpet.

2- Some people have a medical condition in which their bodies produce excessive amounts of sweat, especially in hot humid weather. That moisture can cause irritation for feet skin. Wool fibers in a wool carpet will help treat you from this itchiness by naturally absorbing the extra moisture.

3- Jute and Sisal carpets are another example of carpets that are both gorgeous and therapeutic. Their natural thick carpets apply pressure on your heel and toes stimulating your energy zone and increasing the blood flow in your body. This process will lessen your fatigue and improve your health.

4- Wriggling your toes in a shag carpet will stimulate the nerves under and between your toes. This will signal the brain to produce chemicals that reduce stress making you feel more relaxed. A shag carpet is a favorite for many people for the comforting sensation it gives them.

5- Textures carpets have this rough feel that many people like. When you are standing on a textured carpet you feel like rubbing the arch of your feet on the carpet. We know that rubbing some place in your body stimulates blood flow making it feel more relaxed. Textured carpets give you that tough-love we need sometimes. So why don’t you tell us about your favorite type of carpet?

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