have a chaise lounge! French touch

Embrace the romantic French touch…have a chaise lounge! In any Hollywood scene that features a shrink and a patient, you will see this sofa-like piece of furniture upon which the patient lays down and start speaking up his heart. Ever wondered why this particular piece will be there in every scene? Ever wanted to try it? This piece of furniture is french, ‘une chaise lounge’, it goes back four centuries ago. Since it was first introduced to the furniture world, three other types of it have been made, Recamier, duchesse brisee, and meridienne.

The reason chaise lounges have been featured in the whole shrink-patient scenes is that they are really comfortable and make you feel serene. You can almost use it in any room you might wish, they will be great for your living room and even greater in the bedroom. In the living room, with the right decoration it will accentuate your overall theme. A chaise lounge is a great idea for a chill out after a long day at work. If used in the bedroom it will show real sophistication, modern designs even use them in bathrooms.

chaise lounges is a great idea as an outdoor furniture as well, either for the patio, backyard, pools and even boats. To have it as an outdoor furniture, you will need to be extra careful with choosing the right material to endure all weather conditions. They are normally available in wood, metal and plastic, however you might want to avoid metal because of its low endurance and huge fuss. You will need also to consider using water proof fabrics for the cushions, sunbrella fabric is considered the best option for that.