Change your Kitchen on a Budget

Nowadays, kitchen is considered as the main part of the home. It is used for cooking, washing dishes and clothes, and having the principal meals. It has most of home’s appliances; so, remodeling this part of the house may need much money and effort. But this article would reduce these expenses as much as possible.

Interior designers give you some advices to save your money while designing your kitchen. Invest the usable pieces of your kitchen. You could change your cabinet entirely, but this may cost much more than you could pay. Instead, you may change the cabinet’s doors only, or you can repaint them. For repainting, take the door out of the kitchen. If this is not enough, you can repaint the whole cabinet. Sometimes changing the hardware’s, like handles, can be enough. Just be simple and symmetric, and select the most important appliances to have the most beautiful designed kitchen on budget.

Granite and marble are expensive, but they worth it. Instead you can use their off-cuts or substitute for the countertop of your kitchen with laminate because it is cheap and easy to be cleaned and installed. Try the butcher’s block and quartz also because they have a wide range of color schemes. After having a practical countertop, choose the silk according to the remaining place. Change your taps, towels, linens, and chair pads regularly.

Subway tiles are elegant, colorful, durable, and stylish; so they are perfect for your kitchen’s floor on budget. Try to place mosaic tiles behind stove and sink because these places are always greasy. You would better to use stain latex paint to the rest of your kitchen. The color will be chosen according to your taste. The white color gives fresh and modern feeling, the light blue color adds calm and tranquility feeling, and the beige is recommended for the wooden cabinets. Hang some kitchen accessories in front of the mirror to reflect the light and place a framed photograph beside the mirror to give a depth to the place.

Always keep your kitchen clean and be creative in remodeling your kitchen. Change the arrangement of the place regularly, and try to make new space for the whole family in this marvelous place.

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