Change the Look of your Bathroom – Different Colors

Three steps that will change the look of your bathroom, How often do you think of renewing your bathroom? The reason for such a question is the fact that we always leave our furniture and decorations till they collapse and this make our job an ultra hard one in means of effort and cost. It is maintenance and refreshment that most keep things together with the same elegance they had the day you bought them. Ten years ago when my mother decided that she will redecorate our house just after I got engaged, everybody wondered why! They told her that the house was still as good as new and everyone wondered how she did it.

After I pursued the career of interior design I finally got it! She always told me that it was about the simple things and indeed it is. For instance, refreshing your bathroom is doable in three mere steps. Firstly, get a new fresh paint coat either one color or different shades of a color or even different colors. Make it a rainbow if you wanted to as long as it is still all coherent and make sense to your eyes from the first look. Having a fresh paint not only changes the mood of the bathroom but it also allows you to have your personal touch which adds to the bathroom old design.

The second thing to do is to renew the source of lighting in the bathroom and it will even be more perfect if it was adjustable. Since sometimes you just aim to relax in the tub and others you need sufficient lighting to pursue your personal daily grooming without any worries about cuts then you might need different degrees of light. The third thing is to get napkins, shower gel holders, towels and bathroom curtain of a color matching the wall paint color. You will feel that you already have a new bathroom with a brand new look.

Pics Via : clobath

Pics Via : homedesignideasx