Charming Bedroom with Nature Inspired Decor

Your bedroom is a part of your personality and it should contain your favorite colors where you feel relaxed and warm. To achieve this we recommended the natural design that the bedroom decorated with harmony and balance especially with white and blue colors.

The bedroom colors don’t mean only the wall colors but include the material for bedding, windows covering, and accessories. The reason for choosing the white and blue colors is that white gives you the feeling of lightness, cleanliness and purity while blue makes you feel calm, peaceful, quiet and safe and both colors are very naturally. These colors are preferable for all; kids, and both adult genders.

You maybe prefer the French country style which is charming and depends on the primary colors. The wall should have natural look with creamy white, blue and yellow and you may add stencils as flowers. The furnishings and materials chosen color has to add passion and warmness to the room. The furniture should be made of wood with iron accents. The last step is taking into consideration accessories like flowers, birdhouse and lampshades and the floor should be made from wooden painted or sealed boards or ceramic decorated with earthy colored rug.

Other may prefer navy or beach theme which is so natural and comfortable. The navy bedrooms colors include light or dark blue, white and grey. You can add scenes or portraits with marine character. For furniture choose the natural wood or paint it with creamy white and use the blue or white bed.

For materials, use natural material, fabric and soft furnishings as possible and don’t overuse the accessories. Canvas is a traditional material for popular nautical theme. The main element in nautical theme is the inspiration scenes you could see in the sea nature. So decorate your bedroom by the inspired scene that could make you feel peace and comfortable.

Pics Via : busydoor