Charming Country Kitchen Decorations with Italian Style

Your Italian kitchen will give your home a charming, natural, and warm feel. Such a kitchen will let you feel tranquility and peace of mind while cooking and entertaining your friends and family members. Here is the best way to decorate such a charming kitchen.

To create a warm charming look in your Italian kitchen, you can paint the walls earthy colors such as brown, dark yellow, gold, mustard yellow, red, and apricotwith matching furniture and furnishings. If you need to get a cool feel because you have a plenty of natural light or you need to give the place a spacious look, you can paint the room blue or green and install white cabinets. Instead of painting your walls, you can give them a country Italian look using floral wallpapers or stencils.

The antique marble or granite countertop will match the stone floor andtile backsplashes to create a charming look. The wrought iron fixtures, chair backs, and table legs will give the place an authentic look along with the functional accessories such as metal pots and pans. The Italian herb spice rack hanged above a few Italian utensils will help you feel as you are an Italian chef cooking in a family-friendly kitchen.

If you have a dining table in your Italian country kitchen, the best and simple way is to decorate it with traditional Italian food and candies. Try to choose the right fabric tablecloth with mustard yellow and red colors to cover your table and place a pot of Italian herbs or even a wrought iron candle at the centerpiece of the table. You can enhance the look of the table placing a bowl of fresh fruits on the countertop or installing a grain wall decal to the wall facing your dining table.

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