Charming Rustic and Contemporary Kitchen

The kitchen is the core of your home. It should be warm place where all the family gathers and relaxes. There are many different styles; you can choose what you prefer like country, contemporary, French and European styles.
The country style is the perfect choice to create personality inside your kitchen. This rustic classic style provides welcoming and warm atmosphere but lack of symmetry. This style depends on selecting the perfect wood, colors, and accessories that can make your kitchen warm and relaxing place.

The country style is famous for nature colors like brown, dark reds and all earth shade colors. For the perfect country feeling, use the rustic looking cabinets with nature wood colors. The country accessories are like stone floors, granite counter tops and rustic shelving units which can complete this perfect style and with your own taste. The great thing about this style is that, it is easy to be mixed with other styles.

The contemporary design offers the modern creative look and clean finish. This style is known by simple lines and geometric themes. It is also known by using synthetic material like plastic, laminates, concrete, and glass but the using of natural materials can be integrated as well. Lighting is most important element in the contemporary kitchen. The countertop and surfaces are used to be clean white, bright and bold colors or sometimes they have colors like Pastels, rustic, or Tuscan colors. This design has a good functional using by adding technology and well-planned storage cabinets.

Some people have a common belief that it is impossible to incorporate rustic and contemporary together in your kitchen, that’s not true. The kitchen is a good place to mix them together which produces creative look. Use natural elements, colors, rustic cabinet with glass shelves and granite worktop. Rustic style is attractive with sleek, contemporary decor. The most important in this mixture is, keep the modern devices and the attractive lighting. So you can have warm, relaxing kitchen with modern look.

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