Chic and Luxurious Large French Style Living Room Ideas

Do you need to create a wow, yet formal living room? Actually, the chic French design seems to be a perfect option, as you will use rich textures and colors in addition to timeless furniture designs.

The principal elements at any French living room are the curved furniture pieces, white or colorful luxurious crystal chandelier, delicately ornamented architectural designs, and rich textured fabrics. If you have a space to design a large ceiling to floor window with transparent French or silk curtains decorated with tassels, you will design and original and chic French style room.You can complete that original look using durable, soft, and intricately detailed furniture finished with effect of aging.

The main color for the chic French style is white, but you can combine white with the colors that will give the room its elegance. Your choice to the light shades of brown to golden colorswill reflect your elegance and enable you to use luxurious materials.

The golden color will look marvelous in the decorative elements and lighting fixtures, but try to use the color wisely. Instead, you can paint the room an imperial royal blue with white trim moldings and fireplace mantel to give the place stylishFrench feel.The neutral colors like grey with white will reveal the hidden elegance of the room.

The French living room usually has a bold and recognizable style, but you can use your creativity to create the ambiance you need in the place. For example, you may need to create a classy look in the place using metal or classic stone coffee table with intricate and elegant legs. The lighting scheme in such a room should be soft and warm using large candles, artistic table lamps, and opulent chandeliers.

Pics Via : voyageofdreams