5 Chic and Creative Ideas for Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

A Fireplace mantel is an important focal piece that accentuates the décor of any room. That is why many interior designers have thought of zillions of ideas to decorate this piece. You will find here some of these ideas:

1- Implement softer tones of the colors found in the mantel’s area to create your mantel decoration. This will spread a relaxing atmosphere. balance it with the decoration, i.e. place a painting in the middle, then put two identical slender vases or candelabras right and left of it.

2- Brighten up your room – and your mantel – atmosphere with green power. Use indoor plants to embellish your mantel. display some indoor potted plants of appropriate heights above your mantel. If your mantel is for heating not just décor, choose plants that tolerate heat.

3- Pieces of art Imbricating each other is a creative idea for up-leveling the look of your mantel. The idea here is to display different pieces of art with different widths, heights and colors above your mantel, to make a beautiful artistic harmony that will make your mantel even more gorgeous than it already is.

4- Use mosaics to decorate your mantel. Mosaics are a great decoration tool and they are easy to handle. Make a mosaic art piece and put it above your mantel. The pieces should be compromised of colors found in the room.

5- Mirrors are the ultimate tool for decorating your mantel. The artwork and the carvings in the mirror frame have a major part in improving the décor in your room. It is overly based on the decor you have in your room. living rooms with a Victorian décor – for example – should have a mantel mirror with a floral-carvings frame.
Share with us your own ideas for decorating the fireplace mantel creatively