Chic Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Your laundry room does not have to be a drab room that you close up and do not think about when you are not washing or drying your clothes. There are numerous decor ideas that can make this area of your home more appealing and much more fun. Here, you will find 10 chic laundry room decorating ideas:

To make your laundry room warmer, paint the walls in shades of clear yellow, soothing aqua, sea foam green, lavender or shades of red. To spice up your laundry room, try to make use of the space above cabinets, you can use it to display vases or glassware, metal florist vases, pottery, collectibles, baskets or birdhouses.

A wall art, such as framed graphic prints, a striking wall mirror, painted garden iron or palm tree can beautify your laundry room. Nature can transform your dull laundry room into a wonderful place so if your laundry room has a window, opt for sheer cafe curtains that make the most of natural light.

To brighten up your laundry room, then you should replace boring florescent fixtures with stylish pendant lights in clear or colored glass. Adding an antique wardrobe in your laundry room can make a spectacular impression.

To add a hint of elegance, organize your laundry room using glass jars for detergent. To make your laundry room looks larger that it really is and airy, then you need to place a wall mirror where it can capture and reflect light. Lighting plays an important role in the laundry room. The best lighting for a laundry room is track lighting as you can turn the lights to shine in all areas of the room. To add a touch of comfort to your laundry room, then you need to use a pretty rug on the floor.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about 10 chic laundry room decorating ideas.