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Children’s Room – Neutral Colors – Football Theme

As kids grow older; naturally, they get bored of themed bedrooms. You do not necessarily need to get a car bed or other major themed-furniture in the room in order to create a certain theme. This will cost you a lot of money, effort and time because you will need to change them after a while. However, you can create instantly removable themes through many ways.

Neutral colors for painting:

As a first step, paint the kid’s room in neutral colors- no themes. If the room is for a boy, go for bright colors like royal blue, green, or orange and you may combine more than one color. If the bedroom is for a sweet girl, she may love shades of pink or purple. Cream also is a wonderful color particularly if the room is small or needs more light.


If you are still planning to have a theme anyway, then do it in a way that is inexpensive and easy to change. Today, your boy loves SpongeBob, next month he will be into Barney. In this case, stickers, accessories and stuffed toys of whatever they like can do the talking. You may not want to buy extra stuff, so you can go online, chose whatever photos your child wants and print them. These photos can be a good way to create peculiar themes.

Football theme:

Yet, if your kid is older and begs, for instance, for a football theme in his room; help him to keep it simple and stylish. Perhaps you do not have to cram the walls with football logos or footballers’ posters. The team colors and a ball beanbag are more than enough to create that football theme.

In brief, designing and redesigning can be a great waste of time and money for most people. So try to get what will last and develop with your children. Staying away of themes unless they are instantly removable is a key. Remember to keep it simple, involve you son in designing his room and have fun with him.

Pics Via : cdlapa