Get closer to Chinese designing

If you are bored with hearing about the same old designs and styles, then let me introduce you to a style coming across the world only to impress you. The style of now is coming from far east, from China. Both classic and contemporary chinese designs have a classy and sleek look about them, they are simple yet they are mindblowing. However, the modern style is our quest rightnow and surprisingly enough modern designs have borrowed a lot from the classic ones yet they kept the spirit of our age.

Asian cultures are famous for their colorful choices in fabrics and furniture, they mostly like the colors of nature and try to fill them in unprecedented patterns and the Chinese are no exception to this rule. So, when your thinking of having a Chinese styled room go bold in your colors, try involving more red, black and gold. Black lacquer is one important thing when it comes to chinese furniture, It came popular simce the 1360s. To have this shine of the black lacquer, wood has to be lacquered seven times.

Another popular thing is white lacquer, it is believed to bring serenity and peace and it can be mixed with a variety of bold and strong colors. White lacquer in contemporary designs as well as the classic ones is an exceptional match with brass handles. To have your house designed according to the chinese style, avoid cluttering as it causes your energy flow to be restricted and your love and happiness to be blocked. Keep it simple, that is the key and give the power to colors.


Pics Via : interiordesignblogs