The Circular Compact Kitchen as a Small Space Solution

The circular compact kitchen will effectively solve your small space problem giving the place a breath taking look. Such a smart kitchen will provide you the same storage space of any kitchen and will take only 1.8 square meters at the center of your kitchen. Let’s know more information about such a functional piece of furniture.

The circular compact kitchen is extremely functional as its corecan rotate to 180 degrees and the shelves rotate 360 degreesto enable you to work in multiple parts standing on one space. Such a compact kitchen has a stainless steel sink with its chrome single lever mixer faucet, a dishwasher, a fridge,a microwave,a garbage can, and cabinets to store your kitchen utensils in addition to its inner lighting and electrical systems in addition to the water misposal.

The sleek range workspace of this kitchen will enable you to chop vegetables and prepare your food freely and comfortably as it is at the level of your hand. You can use the upper shelves to store the regularly use dishes,pots, and small utensils and you can rotate such shelves to get what you need. If you can find one with a cooktop, it will be a great chance to use such a piece of furniture inside even outdoor.

When you finish cooking and preparing food for today, you can close the circular compact kitchen with its stainless steel coverto give the place a clean and uncluttered look. This feature will enable you to transform your space from a kitchen to any other living space. You can purchase this kitchen with or without its gadgets according to your needs. This way you will increase the functionality of your kitchen even if you have a small space.

Pics Via : digsdigs