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Classic Bedroom Ideas – Nothing Beats a Classic Dedroom!

Bedrooms are where dreams take place, where the flame of romance ignite and where you might finally acquire your peace of mind. That in mind, bedrooms are to be designed with a warm and cozy air. Nothing is more warm than nature and in this case wood. Wood is the most popular material for bedrooms especially the classic ones. There are numerous choices when it comes to wood, you can even design your bedroom from mango wood. However, classic bedrooms care for elegance and strength and this made oak and pine wood two of the most favorable choices.

A bed is the centre piece of any bedroom, it actually determines the style of the whole bedroom which consists basically of a bed, two side tables, a dresser and a wardrobe. Your classic bedroom can have a classic bed style out of three choices which are the classic French canopy, the classic brass bed and the classic Japanese platform bed. French canopy bed beauty lies in the curtain that gives elegance and privacy. Classic brass beds are not the same now, the finishes on the brass makes the shining look last longer without the hassle of the cleaning process. Classic Japanese platform beds have continuous wood base to provide support and they can be designed to be canopy, low profile or storage platform beds. Low profile platform bed has no headboard or footboard and the storage platform is enclosed all around with drawers for storage.

The most easy and popular colors for bedrooms are black and white, they are unique and different. If you are still confused about what colors to choose, think of warm and cozy. The stereotypical image of warm and cozy is a Christmas morning, think of the tree, the fire, and the furniture. The warm color palette here is brown, red, green and yellow, if the right shades of these colors are mixed and matched together, you will have the definition of warmth impersonated in a room. Imagine, for example, a brown canopy bed with dark red sheets, light yellow curtains dangling at the canopy and side tables with bright golden handles. Room accessories are crucially important at this point, so let there be a red and green carpet and a side green plant. Here you go, now you have a cosy classic bedroom!
Pics Via : gooo

Pics Via : gooo