Clean and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas to Impress You by John Starck

Displaying most of your kitchen’s functional and decorative items near the sink or workspace is no longer a trendy option, especially if you intend to create a simple and clean look in the place. The online inspirational photos to the projects of talented interior designers such as John Stark of Showcase Kitchens will certainly help you define the perfect clean design for your kitchen.

The clean kitchen design is not necessarily a futuristic space, but it should include several features you love in addition to innovative storage ideas to keep the simple look of the place most of the time.

In a New York apartment, John Starck of Showcase Kitchens team create a contemporary look using glossy walnut cabinets and oak floor, clean lines, well organized cabinets and pantries, and open design plan. To add a sense of balance in the place, the team members set the exposed brick wall as the focal point in the place.

If you consider the pink and light blue as childish colors, you are certainly away from the fashionable options. Actually, you can still you can still use pastel or bold colors along with white or black to create a clean and inviting look without using further decorative elements.

In the South Oyster Bay in Massapequa, Starck and his team create an eye-catching look using ultramodern blue and white furniture in addition to glossy bamboo floor. The glossy surfaces in such a kitchen reflect the natural and artificial decorative lights creating a breathtaking look and cool feel in the place.

You can create a wow factor in your kitchen using simple materials with eye-catching colors and interesting textures. In Manhasset, New York, Starck and his team, Starck and his team install warm yellow resin cabinet finishes with backlit frames to create a high-end look and a wow factor on budget.