Clever Ideas & Designs To Create Storage Space In Your Small Bedroom

Bedroom is an important place for having some rest & peace by the end of our day but to achieve this it must be well furnished & well organized with un cluttered view, some people use to crowd their rooms with leaving their clothes, books & shoes everywhere in the room so this will leads us to a nervous mood but off course spacing & well storing well put us in a better mood so how can we do this equation in a small bedroom with a little storage area?

Actually, bed is the master piece for any bedroom so for having more space we suggest having wall bed design which is installed vertically in the wall & can be pulled out by night to became a bed with the suitable size you need so by this way you can have a vast space in your room for all day & you can add some cabinets in this bed to use all day for storing books or cloths & by night these cabinets will be automatically located under the bed for no longer use by night.

Another kind of smart beds is the box bed or ottoman bed which is having a large storage area under the mattress as this area can be pulled out easily to any side of the room with a drawer design & can be used for many storage purposes, attaching small side table with drawers will help for storing small items or books. For teenager’s rooms we can use the futon sofas that can be converted to bed by night.

Wardrobe is the main storage unit in our room so we can have some designs that can suite small spacing rooms, bespoke wardrobes can be designed to fill the unused gaps in your wall (built in the wall) as you can have it with shelves & for hanging long clothes. Fitted wardrobes are also recommended for this kind of rooms as you have the choice of suitable size, material & color with dividing inside it with shelves or drawers according to your requirements adding a mirror in the cabinet faces will be an advantage to reflect more room spacing & to be used instead of standalone dresser, Finally sliding wardrobe doors is more recommended than pulling one for leaving more space to your room.

Pics Via : houseandgarden

Pics Via : onekindesign