4 Clever Tips for Making Your Living Room Gorgeous Yet Simple

Have you ever visited someone and felt that their living room gives off a negative vibe? Or that you are too worried about breaking or staining anything to listen to your host? Have you ever wondered why some living rooms feel more comfortable than others? Well here, we will answer your questions by showing you how to keep your living room simple but gorgeous so that your family and guests could enjoy their time in it.

1- Choose the right colors. Studies have proved that different colors and different combinations of colors have different effects on the mood of those around them. Therefore, avoid the excessive use of colors like red, purple, navy blue etc. Instead use relaxing colors like paler accents of yellow, green, blue etc. Also do not use a wide variety of colors for your walls and furniture and limit their use to ornaments.

2- Do not use a lot of glass and crystal for decoration and always make it out of reach. Put glass ornaments on the higher shelves of your bookcase. Do not leave your glass animals collection laying around on your coffee table, then whine when they are broken.

3- Keep it simple. I know that some people like mounting a dozen framed pictures and photographs on the wall but do not do it. You will not be certain whether they are too many for your walls or not, or that people see them as anything but clutter. One or two per wall are enough.

4- Be sensitive. Your guests are different and thus might have different beliefs regarding different things. Therefore, do not hang animal head mounts on the wall because they might think they are scary and they might despise the sport of hunting altogether.

A simply decorated living room will give off a relaxing welcoming atmosphere that you, your family and your guests will enjoy. So make sure to keep it both gorgeous but simple.

Pics Via : vectormu