Climb These Steps to Get a Fabulous Decorated Modern Home by Linda Stimson

Are you hunting the unmatched and professional decorative elements to spruce up your existing home or decorate your new one? Linda Stimson of Inner Vision Interiors will share you a few professional decorative elements to convert your house to your dream home.

The textured wall becomes a trendy option to create a fabulous look. Linda Stimson recommends the textured and wavy porcelain tiles, especially with the ocean-themed rooms. You can find such tiles with 3D options combined with metal, glass, or mirrors. Still, you can create textural walls using gypsum boards, wallpaper, or even 3D ceramic tiles.

To create a sense of harmony in the place, Linda Stimson places a coherent collection of colorful Chinese porcelain accessories and tall vases on the mantel and the bookshelves along the sides of the fireplace.

If you adore the collections of unique items, you can find antique or Lexi dresser and nightstand along with a white or grey bed with leather headboard. Similarly, Linda Stimson displays the colorful glassware collection of a Harvard Square client on glass shelves with LED strips near the window to create a fascinating and effective focal point.

The art of lighting your home has an incredible effect upon your mood and life. If your home receives the light from north or northeast windows, try to use cool colors and powerful lighting options to make for the natural light. You can use warm hues and indirect light to create a dramatic look in the rooms with south or southwestern windows.

Linda Stimson creates a fascinating sunrise family room using different shades of pink, orange, and purple in addition to patterned curtains to reduce the glare in the place. You can use the color to divide the place into several functions such as the playroom in Belmont that serves as a mom’s home office and a guest bedroom.