Clutter Free Kitchen

The benefits of a clutter free kitchen: rule out the things you do not use now!, My mother always told me that the key to a successful and organised kitchen is a clutter free one. We have always had this small kitchen that I used to hate back then. The reason I hated it was because it was a small one like the ones that are barely functioning. A small rectangular kitchen with a window on your right at the end of the kitchen and the refrigerator was facing the door. Once you enter you have to head right to be able to move.

It was one nice little kitchen, it did not lack anything except for the fact that it was small. As a kid I was always dazzled by the appliances and machines you would find in the market whereas my mum kept the kitchen going by a limited set of appliances that she cherished. Later when I grew up and asked her about it she would that she picked each piece of these herself. It was a bit late when I realised the technique which she did and now I teach in interior designing which is limiting your utensils.

It is a basic fundamental rule to avoid a cluttering house; to leave out all the things you do not use and keep only those you cannot do without. This is a great strategy for limited places as you will not have an overwhelming experience in the kitchen by the existence of things that you already do not use. As a matter of fact, not only limited places can benefit from this but the spacious ones as well. Having a spacious area does not mean that you can stack things as this is bad for the flow of energy in the house.

Pics Via : architectureideas