Interior Design 4

Colorful Girls’ Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

A girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary. So her bedroom should be a reflection of her personality and hobbies. Back in the days, teenage girls’ bedrooms were filled with celebrity pictures and male heartthrobs hanging on the walls. However these days, girls want their bedroom to be more simple and with less clutter and posters. Girls want their bedroom to be easier to keep clean and maintain a more tidy style. Moreover, they want to update that kids’ room design that their parents have chosen for them and redesign their own bedroom in a style of their choosing.

There are many ideas and designs to choose from or be inspired with. Pink color is a very popular theme for girls’ bedrooms. It reminds us of fairy-tale princess or Barbie. Some girls prefer pink color allover in the room and some prefer to combine this color with others to get various great designs. For example, you can use white and pink furniture and if you want a brighter bedroom you can combine pink and green colors. Other girls prefer colors like light blue, light purple shades for their rooms. There should be a contrast of cool colors to make your room look better as various colors can change looks if chosen wisely.

If you are a young girl who loves to dance and enjoys ballet, why not transfer your bedroom into your own ballet studio. Use stick on mirrors for one wall a barre as well. For enhancing your theme even more hang real ballet shoes on the wall and use pink colored netting material as a bed skirt.

If you are a young girl who loves outdoors and enjoys the theme, you can go for the beach theme. For example, use colors like blue which is a representation of the water and the color tan for the sand. You can also paint starfishes, ocean waves, seagulls or a sunset over the water on the walls. And for the bed coverings and curtains select ones that match the color choices and enhances the beach theme.

You can visualize your desired decoration by grasping muse from the underneath photographs.