Colorful Living Room Interior Design

No doubt that nature is a main source of inspiration and full of many creative and cheerful ideas not only for the designs but also for the life as whole . If you are one of the people who keen of nature and want to put some natural touch to your living room in order to be full of life , this article will help you .

You can begin with colors of the wall by paint three walls with light green color and the forth large one with tinted green shades . This green color will give a healthy lively atmosphere . You also can follow another design that reflect nature too by painting a neutral white color accented with small soft leaves or trees prints .

For the ceiling you can paint it with sky blue color and small white stars as blue color make the ceiling look higher and so add more space . It is better to have a large glass window that allow passage of maximum amount of sunlight and so give closer sensation to the nature .You also can put some plants in the corner or near the window that can refresh the air and act as source of oxygen . You can hang few natural artwork pictures on the wall .

Also simple lamps with bright light make your living room look larger and close to nature .

A holistic understanding about the organization of such a wonderful decoration can be gained from viewing the accompanying photos