Colors Make a Room Look Bigger – Limited Space

Make a room look bigger: learn more about what colors can do to your room. What can I do to make a decoration overlook certain space defau? There are always new tricks to apply here and there to trick your guests’ eyes away from the limited space you have. One of the coolest tricks of all time is an intelligent usage of colors. Colors can be the difference between the looks of two spaces of the same dimensions. If you apply colors correctly you win yourself extra space to your room and avoid the suffocation feeling you had the last time you thought of changing the color of your room. It does not have to be tragic; just with some simple knowledge you will gain it all.

The oldest and most simple trick ever in the book is the fact that light colors give space and dark colors need space. This is the first and most basic thing that you should keep in your mind when it comes to colors. Dark colors tend to draw your eyes away and give the illusion of being limited, even in spacious areas as they give cosiness and block the ends of your room. This is the reason fashion designers always advise women to wear dark pieces of clothes upon the places they want to hide most.

A more complex concept is monochromatic colors, it is magical when used in decorations. Monochromatic colors are the ones that can be found in the same pallete; which means simply that they are different shades of the same color. Using this technique in your decoration gives your room dimensional complexity as they appear to be two different yet harmonious colors. This can be used in the form of a stripes wall paint or just one accent wall with the darker shade and the other three with the lighter one. Two shades of the same color can even be used on the same wall as two separate paints and this technique will gain you more space, elegance and uniqueness.

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