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Colors that you should Paint your House in & it’s Psychology

“Green with envy” , “seeing red” , “feeling blue” . Those are examples for associating your mood with colors. Color is capable of affecting your mood whatever it’s your clothes or the paint of your walls. So take notice of choosing colors that makes you happy.

When you want to paint any room in your household; choose a color that accomplish the purpose of the room; say you want to paint your office then paint it in vibrant, deep ocean blue as psychologists say it a great productive color.
Give your little girl a safe, comfortable and optimistic atmosphere when she wants to play or sleep by painting her room in petal pink; which is calming, warm and gives a girly style.

Yellow is wonderful for your kitchen it provides energy and increase your metabolism. It is great for family gatherings and for cooking. Now for your living room it is known that it is known for relaxing. Paint it in lavender that will create a calming atmosphere. It will help in relaxing after a long day.

Let us don’t forget about energetic, bright colors like crimson and orange they affect our mood in a great way.
Orange equal energy and excitement use a hint of it in your place but not your bedroom or paint your exercise room in it.
A deep color like crimson creates a hostile environment. Don’t and I repeat don’t paint your living or dining room with it. May be you can use a hint of it but not an entire room or a wall. If you spent a longtime in a room in the color crimson it will frustrate you.

Don’t follow what I said literally; you can paint your bedroom or living room with a color that relax you and gives you balanced feelings. Just follow your gut in the end of the day you are the only one who knows what suits you.

Take notice to the hue of color you will use because sometimes a darker or lighter shade is just wrong. For example if you want the color green go away from pea soup and brown green they are just wrong. Those were small tips to help you painting your home in the right way.

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