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Commercial Curtains Designs – Curtain Tracks

The design of a commercial area shouldn’t be less of a residential area. After all, the design is the first impression a customer gets about a commercial place; moreover, employees working in a pleasing environment will be more productive. One of the easiest steps for getting the best of the interior design is by hanging commercial curtains. The use of curtains will help in controlling the amount of daylight beautifully and enhance the visual appearance.

Commercial curtains designs can be ready-made or custom-made to perfectly match a place’s needs. A commercial design doesn’t have to stick to boring colors like grey in order to look official. The use of a company’s logo colors or other cheerful colors for curtains will create a friendly and professional ambience in a commercial place. The availability of advanced machinery capable of designing various fabric types with elegant patterns can guarantee getting the best of commercial curtains designs.

Curtain accessories need careful consideration before installing the curtains. The most important parts for curtains are the curtain rods or tracks. Commercial curtain tracks are made of aluminum instead of steel because aluminum is heavy duty and light weight at the same time. Choosing heavy duty tracks is especially necessary when installing heavy blackout lining with the curtains. The three main types of curtain tracks are the corded track, the baton or hand draw track and the cubicle track.

After choosing the curtains and the curtain tracks, take measurements of the windows of your commercial area. Curtains must be a bit wider than the windows and should be below the windows about 10 cm. Curtain designs that reach the floor look good but are not preferable in large commercial areas that needs a lot of cleaning. Finally, make sure that the curtains serve the privacy purpose where privacy is needed and are comfortable to look at.

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