Contemporary Entryway Foyer Decorating Ideas

Having a foyer entryway will give your home an incredibly spacious and luxurious look giving you a chance to welcome your visitors generously. Such an area may include a sitting area beside your nice and innovative staircases in addition to the coat hanging racks near the door. If you are looking for inspirations to design your entryway foyer, keep reading the article using your creativity and imagination.

As your entryway will frankly express your personality and inclinations, you should select the elements of your entryway foyer carefully. For example, you can place loungers or sectional sofas at the doorsright-handwith spiral or flights of stairssurrounded by black glass rails to give your foyer an interesting look.

If you have a dark wood front door decorated with frosted glass panels, you can install glossy white natural stone floor with white or creamy walls and plenty of functional and decorative lights to impress your visitors at the first glance.

The architectural columns will increase the decorative look and visual interest of your entryway foyer. Such columns will lead to the living area in an elegant way. Both of the square and round columns will blend perfectly with this area. For a warmer look, you can use a combination of wood and stone floor tiles and stairs with neutral colored walls and thick area rug at the center of the foyer.

For an elegant industrial look, you can design wood mosaic rotunda with industrial looking walls and ceiling. The floor to ceiling windows around your entryway foyer will enhance the natural and airy look of the place. If you can use this area as an open living space, you will spend marvelous times with your family members and guests. There are different ways to make use of such a foyer and attract your visitors’ attention, but you should choose only what would fully represent your personality.