Contemporary Interior Design by Jennifer

Contemporary interior design is attracting more attention nowadays for its convenience and style. However, if contemporary design wasn’t left with someone as creative as Jennifer, the interior design can be very dull. Jennifer’s residence in the UK for 4 years, living in different states in the USA and working closely with multi-skilled designers throughout Latin America and Europe, made her professional experience very rich about variable decoration. She is capable of mixing, matching and refurbishing furniture to produce the best combination of contemporary designs.

In this fascinating room, a blend of luxurious and bold accessories combine to result with perfect contemporary interior design. Draperies are completely neglected to stay with the minimalistic characteristic of contemporary windows. As the space is roomy, black furniture with the luxurious luster fill up the space in a very sophisticated manner. Matching the furniture with chandeliers that are adorned with black crystals adds light with classiness.

The use of royal dark purple in interior design is usually difficult to accomplish; yet when done correctly as with this magnificent dining room, purple gives a majestic look. The black dining table is adorned with a beautiful blue glass vase without any tablecloth to retain the simplicity of contemporary design. In order to maintain a well-lit dining environment, two large yet chic purple crystal chandeliers are placed above the table. Lighting is also provided on the ceiling near the black accent wall to highlight the attractive design.

Homes with spacious kitchens need to have a design that makes these kitchens warm. Hence, wood is seen throughout this kitchen from the flooring to the furniture to provide warmth. The addition of the flower arrangement in the middle of the kitchen island has the ability of really cheering up the place. Although the dining chairs and table have interesting shapes, they fit with harmony next to the kitchen.

Nothing indicates luxury as much as the existence of a piano and a fireplace in a rock accented wall in the same room. This contemporary room is dominated by the master colors white and black. However, excitement is added by the pattern on the chair pillow and the zebra pattern on the stool in front of the piano. The carpet lacks any patterns to remain simply contemporary but the carpet is luxurious in terms of its creamy color and fluffy feel.

Via :  jenerationinteriors