Contemporary Interior Design Styles

Contemporary design tends to use edited accessorizing, for softer lines and subtle color palettes. Contemporary design includes a mix of the past and present, a touch of the personal and is, above all else, comfortable. Thus design is about making your home your comfort zone, not a show place. Contemporary design in addition to making your home warm and comfortable it can make it unique as well as contemporary. Contemporary design is characterized by three main features, sleek furniture, modern metal accents, and abstract decorations.

In contemporary design the furniture comes in wood tones, metal, and synthetic materials. The furniture is in soft, quieter colors such as sage green, misty blues or grays. Couches and chairs are cushiony and covered in durable, soft fabrics.

In contemporary design the accessories are kept to a minimum. The accessories are limited to sculptural pieces, such as silver plate bowls or abstract statuary, animal print ottomans, fur lined throw blankets, wicker chairs, silky throw pillows, ornate sculptures, and beaded window treatments.

As for modern style it is characterized by polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. Colors are neutral and they allow the objects in the design to take center stage. White walls are very popular in a modern home with furnishings, accessories.

The surfaces are sleek, smooth and polished. As for the flooring concrete, granite and linoleum are commonly used and chrome and stainless steel is used on furniture and in the kitchen. The shapes focus on geometry and angular.

Decoration definitely needs inspiration and you can get some by eyeing the next amazing pictures.