Contemporary Kitchen and Bathroom Decorative Inspirations by Candace Nordquist

If you don’t enjoy your time in the kitchen and bathroom, you may need to remodel them or add new decorative elements. Just make sure the new remodel or addition will include what will make you happy and comfortable. Candace Nordquist’s designs will help you find exactly what you need.

Do you love nature and like to spend most of your time outdoors? Do you think you can bring natural elements into your bathroom? Actually, you can install glass and mirrored surfaces to reflect the natural light coming from the window and use natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal to bring the organic beauty into the place.

Candace Nordquist and her team use a similar idea designing an indoor Japanese onsen bathroom with a hot water bathtub, sheet-like walls, long fresh plants, neutral colors, secret hidden door, and porcelain tiles with hardwood look. To avoid moisture in your bathroom, try to use no soil plants such as Pothos and air plants.

The open plan with contrasting white and black colors will create a minimal beauty into your kitchen. You can touch this beauty directly in the Bellevue modern kitchen and west Seattle classic kitchen designed by Candace’s team with their unique harmony and minimalism. If you will use your contemporary kitchen as an entertaining space, it will be a great idea to reduce the closed cabinets and use smart storage spaces and several surfaces to entertain a large number of your guests and friends.

In both of your contemporary kitchen and bathroom, the neutral colors with a touch of warm or bold accents, soft and decorative lighting system, matte floor tiles, glossy all tiles with mosaic accent strips, and frosted glass cabinet doors will create an eye-catching and clean look.