Contemporary living room interior design ideas, lighting, Coloring

When we talk about the living room, we likely think of it as the place where we spend most of our time at home. Many activities such as watching TV, spending family time and entertaining guests usually take place at the living room. It is very important to our living room to gather both comfort and modernity to be perfect. Your personality can also be reflected in your design without ignoring your family needs.

Whether you’re designing the living room by yourself or hiring an interior designer, you should know exactly what you want and be able to describe it, starting from coloring the walls and ending with the accessories with their finishing touches.

Coloring and furnishing

It’s easy and refreshing to begin with coloring your living room so start choosing colors of the walls and mixing colors to get the best shades. Now for the most important components in the living room which are the sofas. You should consider one thing other than the sofa’s price; the space that you want to fill before falling in love with a large or small sofa.

Nowadays most people prefer love seats, as they are reasonably priced, comfortable and absolutely contemporary. You can easily then add a piece of entertainment furniture and enjoy your TV time without losing the sync between pieces of furniture.

The lighting

In contemporary designs the lighting is one of the top priorities because it doesn’t only illuminate but it also gives your living room a touch that the regular lamp would never give. Thus designers came up with many creative ideas; such as wall scones lighting, which is an original way of lighting and decorating at the same time. Lighting might not be limited on ceilings and walls, but also light sources can be added in a very elegant way to floors giving you the advantages of more free space and relaxing vision. However when we are dealing with a high ceiling in the living room, using hanging fixtures is the best way to consume the emptiness and fill it with glow.

Finishing all the hard work, now you can do the most enjoyable part; finding suitable accessories for your living room. Feel free to buy cushions, vases and masterpieces as long as you are sure that your living room style won’t be out of control.