Is Cork Floor a Right Option for Your Home?

The comforting and soft cork floor is a perfect option for several home designs, as it gives any place a natural beauty and unique value. However, you should define if such a precious floor option will blend with your needs and your home design.

The wood of cork floor comes, basically, fromthe bark of a Mediterranean cork oak tree; so, it is an eco-friendly option that will provide your home a warm and luxurious look. Such a floor will endure the regular foot traffic providing your feet a unique comfort due to its spongy character. Cork floor is an ideal option for the damp and sunny areas alike, as it resists mold and mildew without being affected by the direct sunlight. Moreover, cork floor will be a perfect option in the cold areas, as it has natural cellular to store warmth from the sunrays during the day and keep the place warm at night.

Cork floor will be a right option in the noisy rooms in addition to kitchens, as it can serve as sound barrier and shock absorbing. You can use such a floor in a traditional or even modern styled home and it will live for long years.

However, you should pay a considerable amount of money to purchase cork floor; so, if you are on budget, it will not be a wise choice. You should reseal the surface of such a floor using protective coats of polyurethane or wax regularly to avoid the scratches and stains.

Additionally, you should sweep or vacuum the cork surface weekly to avoid scares made by dirt and crumbs. If you have large and heavy furniture pieces, they may create irremovable signs on your cork floor; so, you may need another option in this case.

Pics Via : floorstoyourhome