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Cottage Bedroom Curtain Ideas

The cottage style is known by its calmness, purity, charm, and natural comfort using its neutral colors and natural fabrics. Your cottage bedroom curtain will need to provide you a warm and relaxing feel to sleep comfortably at night and during the early morning hours letting the natural light and air coming in to the room to refresh the room during the day. That’s why you should select the perfect fabric and color of your cottage bedroom curtain.

The relaxing mood can be achieved by the warm colors and medium-weighted fabrics. You can opt for the pale colored or muted patterned curtain to match the beddings. During the winter, your cottage style curtain should bring warm to the room and block the external cold. For these reasons, you can install a heavy velvet or beautiful damask curtain. The rattan rope can create a ring top drapery to enhance the mood in your warm and relaxing bedroom.

Try to choose the fabrics that will go with your beddings and the room style. You can install a country looking white cotton curtain to match your cotton lace beddings. It will be a great idea if you can combine a linen curtain with plaid blind to block more light and create a smooth and relaxing mood. You can give an illusion of a larger room installing your cottage curtain rod above the window frame and to extend the curtain wider than the window.

The lace trimmed curtain will help your bedroom look cottage from both inside and outside. Adding to this decorative role, the lace trimmed curtain will grant you the needed privacy allowing the natural light at the same time. These are all what you need in your cottage bedroom. At the end, your choice for the right curtain will affect the look and function of the whole room.

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