Cottage Kitchen Curtain Ideas – Cottage Curtain

Your cottage kitchen window needs to be dressed simply or even left bare to allow the biggest amount of air enter the place. This can be achieved using transparent sheers or lightweight fabric valances. You can opt for other several choices depending on your personal preferences, the size of the window, and the needed mood. This article will provide you some ideas to help you find the suitable curtain for your cottage curtain.

Your country cottage curtain will reflect your own personality. You can choose a simple curtain that will enhance the style of the place using matching colors or patterned curtain with cottage strips and prints. But you will need to avoid the fussy and overdone look.The blue or pink curtain will go with your white cabinets and light colored walls to create an airy look into your kitchen. However, the transparent flowing curtain with rose patterns will keep your kitchen illuminated and airy all the day to help you cook and prepare your favorite meals comfortably.

You can incorporate the subject of your kitchen into your cottage curtain installing an inexpensive fork and knife curtain that will add a whimsy feel to the place.You can use long curtains, valances, sheers, or box pleat curtains to reflect this theme. The bamboo shades will add a more natural look to blend with the natural herbs and fruits used in your kitchen keeping your privacy and providing you a warm atmosphere in the winter at the same time.

If you have an open designed kitchen, you can hang a denim curtain with a banded top using a cast iron rod to separate the kitchen from the rest of your house. The tiebacks will help you keep the curtain open to let your guests see your beautiful curtain while having their food.

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