Country home interior design

Primitive country furniture can give a good balance to your home. These hand-made provide warm and comfort to your family. Primitive country home decor will combine nicely with other similar decorating styles. You can decorate your home in the country style.

Interior decorators may envision a “finished” room before the first paint is dry, but designers rely on visual aids to ensure harmony. Taniya Nayak, President of Design Digs in Washington, says “Pull ideas from your wardrobe, travel and personal background. Tear out magazine pictures and add them to your collection,” Don’t break the bank attempting to recreate a fabulous room you saw in a magazine. “If you’ve got one fabulous piece, don’t put things out that compete; use it as inspiration,” Taniya says.

Don’t hesitate to explore new colors, fabrics and furniture, but always keep the room’s bones in the back of your mind. Look around the room before selecting a color scheme. “If your room is neutral, you’re pretty safe, but if you have lots of color, find the one that’s least represented and bring it out in a stripe or other pattern,” Angelo suggests.

Artistic touches add charm to a room. Patterned tile “rugs” in the entryway are breathtaking and easy to clean. Accessories can bring a room together, but “Less is definitely always more,” Angelo advises. Resist the temptation to clutter the room and remember that you own the space; you can change the look whenever it pleases you. Taniya “Change accessories seasonally, but try not to over-stylize,” he says.

Many homeowners are letting the natural beauty of windows shine through. Built-in simple cornices can enhance fabulous windows. Floor-to-ceiling drapery actually works well in short spaces, making the room appear larger.

Before you buy anything look for clues in your everyday life. How have you decorated other spaces? What does your favorite hotel or restaurant look like? Where do you feel most comfortable? Eventually you’ll discover the common design themes that distinguish and define your style. Whether your preference is classic, modern or somewhere in between, lighting does more than brighten a room, it adds dimension and character.