Country Kitchen Design – Combining Warmth and Charm!

Not only does the country style combine warmth and charm of the country side, it also adds functionality and class to your kitchen that has no parallel. For one thing, country style is defined by natural ever so durable materials, including laminate wood, knotty alder, oak, maple, pine, and brick or terra cotta stones. You can use those wooden and concrete materials in flooring and cabinetry with beautiful natural finishes.

For another thing, your country kitchen would typically have an ample storage spaces like large wooden cabinetry set, shelves, open cupboards, spice racks and countertops. You can mount hand-painted shelves to the wall to exhibit your antique utensils and jars or any other antique collections.

Aside from wood, which is actually widely preferred in the country style, you can use other materials such as marble, granite or ceramic tiles for countertops, wrought iron in fruit baskets, knobs, and pulls, and textured glass for cabinet doors. Also, you can opt for interesting decorative tiles for your flooring or consider wall-to-wall carpet for more spacious feel.

The best thing about typical country materials is that, aside from the fact that they are durable and easy to maintain, they are unbelievably capable of enhancing the rustic charm you try to create in your kitchen. The earth tones of wood, when combined with other colors, offers a uniquely magical atmosphere. Also, a combination of wood and stainless steel appliances will have a dramatic impact on your country mood.

As for the dominant color, consider a warm fresh shade that evokes a feeling of a beautiful sunset like butter yellow, cream, and deep light blue. The color scheme you choose will eventually lay out the whole mood. And for more of an ornate feel, place plant and flower pots near the window, or some colorful fresh daisies in a beautiful vase on an open shelf. In fact, anything close to nature is welcomed in your country masterpiece.

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