Cozy Winter Bedroom Decorations

Turning your home from summer living to a winter hibernation retreat is simple yet enjoyable. The bedroom is always considered a reflection to the season’s fashion and if you are one of those who wish to reflect the icy weather in the style of their rooms, read the following ideas on making your bedroom warmer and more inviting.

The simple way to reflect the wintery chill in your bedroom is to opt for soft furnishings that provide warmth, such as pillows duvets, faux fur throws and soft and shaggy rugs.

To feel the power of the cold winter, paint the walls of your bedroom in icy shades of blue and grey and combine them with stark whites. To get a true wintery feel, paint your bedroom walls in light colors and use white or pale grey bed linen.

To make your bedroom warmer, opt for a flowing valance that is longer than the height of the bed and use fluffy down duvets and throws of faux fur. If you want to eliminate the feeling of the cold into your bedroom room, then you should go in for velvety throws and pillow soft covers. Try to add lots of candles inside your bedroom.

To add a warm touch to your bedroom, then you need to add rugs on either side of your bed. To set the scene in your bedroom, use shades of brown to paint the walls and pair them with snowy hues, like soft gray or frosty blue. To grant your bedroom a warm feel, consider using cushions in faux fur, velvet and wool.

For maximum comfort, keep a mohair blanket or throw over the back of your sofa. In case you liked reading this article, you will surely adore taking a look at the following photos about cozy winter bedroom decorations.

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