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Create the Ambience of Logs with the Functionality of a Modern Home by Grace Home Design

If the log home beauty fascinates you whenever you see it, this article is for you. The good news is that you can mix touches of this warm feel in your existing modern home or construct a half log home with a modern touch easily.

Most of the log house materials are inexpensive, sound insulator, and natural; so, you can easily install them to your home and feel their aesthetic appeal. Jennifer Visosky of Grace Home Design renovates a log cabin in a Jackson Hole backcountry creating a mix of natural beauty and colorful life in the place.

The pine tree pieces create an amazingly warm interior, but Grace Design team members add white and black fabrics, an olive leather armchair, panful artworks, and turquoise and red roman shades to create a stylish look in the living room.

If you already have a conventional structure and intend to provide it a warm log feel, the natural wood furniture and accessories will look perfect in the place. The Grace Design team members install cozy and natural elements such as primitive forest paintings and patterned fabrics in addition to natural wooden tables to bring the warmth of log home in an East Jackson town home.

The rustic-like paintings will certainly provide your home a touch of warm log home feel. Grace Home Design team members use a few rustic touches along with bold colors in several modern homes in Napa Valley landscape, Pearl of Jackson, and Grand Tetons. The team members bring the same warmth to another modern home using farmhouse furniture natural fabric shades along with acrylic and leather covered chairs and neutral colored walls. They use a fireplace along with primitive shapes and rustic patterns along with glass and acrylic materials in addition to geometric shapes to create a unique eclectic look in a Fish Creek home.